STAC expertise

STAC expertise

STAC executives have over thirty years experience in the industry at all levels of sales and marketing up to marketing director and fifteen years in consultancy, consequently bringing a wealth of marketing experience to brands.

This depth of experience is coupled with a breadth encompassing a diverse number of therapy areas.

STAC expertise

A brief history

STAC Consultancy was set up in 2000 by David Sidwick and David Larder to provide cost effective marketing consultancy and medical education.

Both original partners were formerly employed by Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals in senior marketing roles and recognised the opportunity to form their own company to fill what they perceived was a service not adequately provided by other marketing consultancies and medical education agencies. Namely a quality centred, cost effective project based approach which would help shorten the time to peak sales of a brand.

In 2010 David Larder stepped down from the role of Joint Managing Director but is still attached to the company as an Executive Director. 



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