Organisational Structure

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STAC Consultancy is based in the relatively inexpensive location of Bournemouth.
The company has a flat management structure designed to maximise intellectual and strategic in-put on projects and to minimise cost to the client.

The in-house structure includes administration, meetings management and nurse specialist support with all other requirements e.g. design, printing and medical writing contracted out to a close network of specific professional experts.

Corporate Philosophy

It is STAC policy not to work for two different companies in the exact same therapy area at the same time. STAC believe that its unique service delivery is directly related to its structure and so will not compromise quality integrity for the sake of exceeding capacity. The fact that clients stay with STAC and the excellence of our customer references (available on request) make testament to the accuracy of this stance.

Cost Philosophy

STAC believes that cost simplicity and stability is a vital area for brand success and confers competitive advantage. For that reason we cost all activities on a project basis.

Additionally, all account management costs are considered to be covered by the project fees. Expenses are estimated on an individual project basis not as a percentage fee and are identified in initial estimates. All sub contracting is passed on at cost.

STAC expertise

STAC Organisation

STAC comprises executives and medical professionals with extensive experience. Click on the names below to learn more about STAC employees:

STAC expertise



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